CATDC & Mid-California International Trade District

Mid-California International Trade District 2018-09-12T16:08:35-07:00

The Mid-California International Trade District is strategically located in central California in Merced County. Located just to the southeast of Silicon Valley, the MCITD is a unique 2,000-acre multimodal industrial manufacturing and logistics development that is designed to house about approximately 8 million square feet of modern industrial development and 10,000 jobs. On the site of a former Strategic Air Command Air Force Base, the project site is being transformed into a state-of-the-art master planned business environment for global business. The CATDC is an integral part of this development.

Designed to accommodate a range of product testing, technology product manufacturing and distribution, the MCITD is a highly-connected asset to high-efficiency logistics infrastructure. Situated along the major CA-99 commercial corridor, the MCITD is designed to provide for reliable and fast inbound and outbound logistics, supporting supply chains requiring access to California, North America and to global markets.

Visit the official MCITD website HERE.

MCITD overview