CATDC Site: A 700 Acre Testing & Development Center

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Located adjacent to the Silicon Valley and the wider Bay Area’s massive global technology cluster: The California AutoTech Testing and Development Center is a purpose-planned 700-acre testing and development environment, designed to support the fast-changing needs of the rapidly changing automotive industry. The CATDC has been designed with the guidance of international automotive industry and research institution professionals for use as a state-of-the-art testing and development complex. The site is private and has secure-access points. The complex is used on a scheduled shared-use basis by a range of OEMs, technology companies and start-ups.


Waymo (Google) has established its proprietary testing complex adjacent to the shared-use complex on 105 acres of land.

Facilities and Infrastructure

The facility has distinct infrastructure to support a range of automotive and mobility industry requirements including special facilities for testing in urban grid, high-speed, asymmetrical intersections, parking lot and flexible test environments. The facility has a range of support infrastructure including: office space with secure high-speed internet connections, electric power at key locations and charging station capability. Also onsite are various buildings designed for secure storage, overnight test/information communications to overseas research centers and building facilities for collaborative testing and development. An onsite Conference Center is available to industry partners for staff and client presentation meetings.

The CATDC is located adjacent to the tower-controlled Castle Airport which has heavy-duty commercial airport capabilities, and with a 11,800-foot runway can support corporate aircraft of any size or movement of vehicles or equipment via any scale commercial cargo aircraft. The Airport’s taxiway/runway system offers extensive and perfectly smooth straightaways and can be made available for AutoTech testing.

Designed by industry for the industry in a Silicon Valley setting, the CATDC is an asset to support the next-generation technology testing and development requirements of the global automotive industry.