CATDC & Silicon Valley’s AutoTech Industry

Automotive Sector in California & Silicon Valley 2018-09-13T12:55:41-07:00

The Automotive Sector in California & Silicon Valley

Automotive technology companies from around the world have increasingly clustered much of their advanced technology, strategy and research in California, resulting in Silicon Valley emerging as a critically important global center for research and mobility product development. Recognizable internationally important technology companies like Google, Apple, Cisco, Intel, Applied Materials, Barracuda Networks, Seagate Technology, SanDisk, Nvidia, Silicon Graphics and HP have their headquarters there. But less well understood, is that there are hundreds of international companies involved in the automotive sector in the Valley employing over 50,000 people.

As the automotive industry is being fundamentally reshaped by the integration of modern technologies in areas such as connected communications, propulsion, autonomy and safety, the industry has established a deep presence in the region. Practically every automobile OEM in the world is present there with research and development, and partnership management operations – vaulting the region to have emerged as the most important global hub for automotive technology. TESLA is perhaps the most visible Silicon Valley automotive company with its main offices and manufacturing operations there, but the sector’s depth in the region is quite substantial with a wide range of OEMs, and technology companies which have substantial involvement in the automotive space.

Companies Involved in Automotive Technologies and Mobility in Silicon Valley