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California AutoTech Testing and Development Center

Adjacent to the global technology epicenter in Silicon Valley, the California AutoTech Testing and Development Center (CATDC) is purpose-designed to be a direct extension of Silicon Valley’s global automotive research and product development industry concentration. The CATDC is a one-of-a-kind automotive tech research and development center that capitalizes on direct access to California’s substantial technology, research, software development and tech financing presence. The site is on a 300-acre site adjacent to the Castle Airport and the Mid-California International Trade District.

Currently the CATDC is home to Google/Waymo’s proprietary 91-acre Autonomous Vehicle Castle Test Center which is adjacent to CATDC’s shared-use complex that will be used by a range of OEMs and technology suppliers.

The CATDC is a multi-faceted complex with infrastructure to support a range of testing environments, including urban grid, high-speed, asymmetrical intersections and parking facility testing. Additionally, the CATDC offers a unique capacity to support product development with a range of existing building assets and immediate-access sites for custom development. The complex includes space for small companies that would prefer an onsite presence for their engineering team while also requiring immediate access to the larger test complex. The facility can support storage needs as well.

As an integrated research, testing and manufacturing complex, the CATDC is a facility whose core mission is to support the advancement of the automotive industry and to provide a specialized set of assets to support the companies that are leading its change.

CATDC: A Global Convergence Hub For A Range Of Automotive Sector Technologies

Growing from its longstanding global leadership in software development and product innovation, Silicon Valley is now a primary global center for the development and integration of next-generation of automotive technologies. Today, the vast majority of established and new to market OEMs and technology suppliers in the larger mobility sector has a presence in Silicon Valley working on the development of a complex range of technologies including: artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensor integration, optical capture products/camera systems, propulsion systems, energy storage, mapping, mobile telecommunications and infotainment systems.

The industry and its research is moving at pace and much of that research and product development requires offsite testing and development support facilities. There is a dramatic shortage of available testing and development facilities and certainly high-quality, purpose-built test environments. This especially true in California given the sizable presence of sector research and development activity requiring proximate and convenient test and development facilities. The CATDC has been designed in partnership and with the advice of leaders in the industry to support those requirements at a shared-use custom facility. All of this has been crafted within an easy drive of the research lab headquarters.